Amici Pizza is owned and operated by Kateri Cusumano and Vinny Pante. From age 16, Kateri grew up working in the restaurant business at various pizzerias in the east Valley, honing in on the art of excellent service and management. Vinny was raised in the restaurant business as well, and eventually went on to pursue culinary school and his own career as a chef. His father, Jimmy Pante owned Buono’s Pizza from 1989 through the early 2000’s. 

The Cusumano family originally acquired the restaurant (formerly known as Buono’s) during the summer of 2018. After an immense restoration process, Amici Pizza made its grand opening on January 2, 2019 with the pledge of bringing delicious New York-style pizza and exceptional service back to the East Valley.

“Amici,” directly translates to “friends” in Italian; a reference to how Amici Pizza is a place where friends and family alike can gather together (and make new friends), while indulging in the best New York-style pizza and Italian food that the valley has to offer. Amici Pizza is owned and operated by Kateri Cusumano and Vinny Pante, who continue to bring authentic, family recipes and superb service to your table.


After Vinny and the Cusumano family acquired the lot where Amici Pizza is located in August of 2018, the restaurant needed immense renovations and work before being reopened. Below are a collection of photos beginning with what the restaurant looked like at the time of repossession in August of 2018, through the five-month restoration process that led up to Amici Pizza’s 2019 grand opening.